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About Us
  1. All India Muslim Business Startup Network (AIMBSN.com) sole objective is to create a ecosystem platform for India Muslim Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and Professionals to “Connect, Support, Inspire & Grow” and increase economic activity for our beloved country INDIA.
  2. All India Muslim Business Startup Network (AIMBSN.com) will co-host regional day long AIMBSN Networking events, Breakfast AIMBSN Networking events in India and across the globe.
  3. All India Muslim Business Startup Network (AIMBSN.com) will established incubators, accelerators in association with minority institutions to promote entrepreneurship and economic development.
  4. All India Muslim Business Startup Network (AIMBSN.com) was launched by TMA Worldwide, a media holding company with interests in events, publishing, education and marketing communications.
  5. TMA Worldwide operates its businesses as a Social Enterprise, where it creates a platform all stake holders of the society to benefit and especially the under privilege.

AIMBSN.com Ecosystem 

  1. AIMBSN.com (All India Muslim Business Startup Network) ecosystem consists of the following
  2. Events: Conduct grand day long Business conference, networking and Startup events across India and Monthly Breakfast Business Networking events
  3. Social Network: AIMBSN.com Social Network Site, where individuals & businesses, can post their businesses, requirements, investment opportunities, blogs and promote them to our database of global investors and business community.
  4. Incubators & Accelerators: Strategic partnership with minority institutions to establish Incubators & accelerators, where the startups, mentors, investors and community can interact with each other to promote business and startups. Encourage minority institution to apply for Government of India promoted Atal Tinkering Labs & Atal Incubation Centers
  5. Venture Capital: By 2018 to launch AIMBSN Venture Capital fund